Tips for Fun DIY Shabby Chic Decorating

DIY Shabby Chic decorating is a fun activity that you can easily make part of your home all by yourself. It’s a style that uses a blend of vintage decorating ideas as well as new decorating ideas to make a home feel comfortable and easy to live in.


Shabby Chic DecorEvery family has heirlooms and collectibles acquired from generations before them, and these can easily fit into the shabby chic decor game plan. These items have sentimental value and make for good conversation and story pieces, and probably have an endless beauty that everyone visiting your home will enjoy. Shabby Chic decor can also be done on a limited budget by visiting flea markets, garage sales and also delving into your own attic or basement. These are ideal sources for finding items that can easily fit into your decor plan. Try painting these old pieces of furniture, add slipcovers to old upholstery, or throws that can make them as useful as they are enjoyable.


Shabby Chic DecoratingAdding vintage lace that you can find in many old homes can greatly add to this style of decorating. Use soft colors, faded fabrics, mix checks and stripes and throw in a few fabrics that have flower patterns. This is sure to give the home a lived-in effect that adds to the comfortable feeling that you’ll get from shabby chic decorating. This style of decorating does not require everything to match and the shabby element is enhanced if you have pieces of furniture that actually look odd with each other. It doesn’t matter if the furniture and upholstery look worn and distressed, as this will give the room a shabby look that announces that it’s very cozy to live in.


Shabby Chic Home DecorIt’s possible to implement these ideas on your own, and the little painting or other touches you want are easy if you have some DIY skills. You need to mix in the minimum of color with attention to details for wall colors, drapes, wall fixtures, lighting fixtures and others parts of your decor. All items in your decor should have a craftsmanship that is eye-catching to you, as well as artistic. Try to mix in many textures within the decor and avoid the blandness that a single textured room will bring. It’s important when you repaint any old furniture not to go for a high degree of finish. In fact, the shabby chic effect is better achieved by sanding random spots on items to give them a well-used look.


Shabby Chic Decor VintageUse coffee tables or garden benches in combination to give your rooms a welcoming vibe and invites your guests to sit and feel comfortable. An abundance of cushions will always make a room more inviting. Use a lot of pictures and artwork with antique styled frames that can further accentuate the shabby chic look. Try some potted plants and also gather small ornaments in trays dispersed all over the room.

Using these tips will help you create the suggestively untidy look that’s a hallmark of shabby chic decor.