Studio Apartment Design Challenge

Amazing home transformation of a studio apartment with some excellent DIY home decor tips.

Tips include: Storage, color schemes, accessories and even creating your own paintings – don’t worry you don’t have to be an artist as you’ll see in the video!

So you think you have a small apartment?  You haven’t seen anything yet! Maybe you’re wondering, how can I make my tiny/small space look inviting and comfortable without looking cluttered? This video has your answers. Firstly, look around and notice the placement of your windows and the way light reflects in your rooms during different times of day. You don’t want to blind your guests (or yourself) by the beaming sun – and you can also setup an area to strategically enjoy the stunning sunset view.

Also take a hard look at your current furniture colors. Some colors make a room look small, and even possibly cold. Usually warm-toned colors will give your room(s) a more comfortable vibe. Yellows, browns, oranges and reds can be great colors to help open up a space and make the room inviting and warm.  If you’re not ready to splurge on new furniture, sofa covers are an affordable way to spice up colors and also save your furniture from wear and tear.

Another tip is to use accent rugs to help bring colors and accessories into your space, especially if the management won’t allow you to paint.

Enjoy this video that shows how you can transform your studio apartment and have fun doing it!