3 Fun DIY Easter Home Decor Ideas

Easter is a great time to bring out your crafty side and create these fun DIY Easter home decor ideas. Whether you want to share the fun with your kids or challenge yourself with a more complex project that will wow your family and friends, one of these 3 ideas should suit your DIY skill level.

1. Blowing, Dyeing and Decorating Eggs

Requirements:easter eggs decor diy

1 Needle
A Bowl
Egg Carton
Paint or food coloring

Difficulty Level: 4/5

Wash the egg and then dry it. Place a piece of tape on either end of the egg and pierce a hole into the bottom (wider part) and then a slightly larger hole in the top (narrower part). Wiggle the needle around inside the egg to break the yolk. Hold the egg over a bowl and blow gently into the larger hole. Rinse the egg and allow it to dry entirely before painting. You don’t have to throw out the blown egg and can use it to bake or make some scrambled eggs. You may crack a few eggs before mastering this technique.

Your eggs are now ready for decorating. There are two methods you can use – dyeing is pretty simple whereas panting the egg is more complicated.

Dyeing – Dilute some food coloring in water and dip one side of the egg. Place it in the egg carton to dry before repeating with the other side. You can have lots of fun experimenting with different colors and tones.

Painting – If you are painting with kids, watercolor paints are best. Use acrylics if you are looking for a bit more of a challenge. Use the brushes to paint the desired patterns. Paint one side of the egg while it is placed in the egg carton, allow to dry and then repeat on the other side.

Decorations – Use the brushes to paint patterns with craft glue onto the egg. Sprinkle glitter or place other decorations on the glue until they stick. Once again, decorate one side of the egg while placed in the carton, allow to dry and then turn and repeat.


2. Easter Basket

Requirements:soda bottle easter basket diy

Soda Bottle
Sharp Scissors

Difficulty Level: 1/5

This Easter egg basket is ideal for making with the kids. Simply cut the bottom of the soda bottle about 2/3rds of the way down. This will form your basket section. On the larger section of the bottle, cut a strip about 2.5″ thick which will act as the handle. Simply staple each end of the strip to the basket section, spaced an even distance apart. Decorate as desired.  It should go without saying to teach your kids safety rules about using sharp scissors.


3. Colorful Vase/Basket Fillers

easter basket vase diyA great idea is to fill baskets or vases with different types of Easter decorations or even candy. These baskets and vases can act as great center pieces for your Easter table or can be used to decorate just about any area of the home. Experiment by separating colors in lines on your vase or patterns in your basket.


The art of DIY lies in the creative spirit so don’t be afraid to let your imagination soar and challenge yourself to design unique and fun DIY Easter home decor ideas.