Spice Up Your Life With These Bedroom Ideas

Ideally, your bedroom should be so much more than just a place where you sleep. You should feel fully comfortable and at peace there, and it should also have all the amenities you need. You’ll need plenty of space and organization options, as well as a pleasing arrangement and a fun design to keep you from feeling bored. Bare-bones arrangements might work for the likes of hotels, but you should aim to have your own bedroom come to life by infusing its design with your personality.

Of course, it’s sometimes difficult to know how to get started. Everyone knows the basics of what you need, but it’s tricky to see beyond that. With that said, here are some tried and true bedroom ideas to help you kick-start the brainstorming process:

1 – Perfect Symmetry

If you want to really hit the feeling of basic harmony home, you should use a perfectly symmetrical design for your bedroom. This usually entails centering the bed against one wall and then mirroring each element on either side. You’ll have the same bedside tables, lamps, picture frames, drawers, and so on sitting along the left and right of the bed itself. Having to buy two of everything might seem like a chore, but it presents a wonderful challenge for those of you out there that love hunting down deals. If you’re a fan of tidiness, this is perhaps one of the best ways to achieve it!

2 – Dreamy Colors

In the world of art, there’s a general area of study known as color theory. Certain colors work together to present certain moods, and the human psyche is almost hard-coded to pick up on this. For example, colors such as green and blue are incredibly calming. That’s especially true of more subdued shades with relatively low saturation. If you want to focus on restfulness and relaxation, feel free to design your bedroom entirely with those colors and a bit of white or light tans for contrast. One or two softly rendered impressionist paintings with the likes of starry skies will seal the deal.

3 – Hobby Extravaganza

Finally, the hobbyists out there might want to consider making their personal bedrooms an ode to everything they love. Multiple pieces of artwork or even murals painted directly on the walls are completely fair game, as are display cabinets for beloved items or collectables. If you put a lot of value in your belongings, embrace them and put them right on display! Just be sure not to go so overboard that you take up too much space for the room to remain comfortable.

With those bedroom ideas in mind, you might have a better feel for what you want to do when redesigning. Don’t be afraid to experiment with placement of any furniture or even the style and colors of your bedding. If you just haven’t felt comfortable as of late, even the most minor of changes can quickly turn things around. Open yourself up to trying whatever feels right and you’ll likely be surprised with the results!