4 Easy DIY Christmas Decoration Ideas

Christmas is the season for cozy home decor that is festive and fun. The whole family can get involved in creating and displaying DIY projects that will become cherished family memories over the years. Avoid store-bought items that feel impersonal or that don’t last.

Do-it-yourself Christmas home decor saves money, lets families spend time together, and spreads cheer! Try one of these four easy holiday decor DIYs and get ready for candy canes and Christmas trees.


Unconventional Christmas WreathsChristmas Wreath

Pinecone wreaths and other types of front-door decor that use greenery are traditional Christmas decorations. But if you’re looking for something a little less evergreen and a little more eclectic, there’s a DIY Christmas wreath for you.

While most wreaths start with a foam circle as the base, you can also use twigs or leaves and wind with twine to form a circle. From there, wrap your frame with fabric, real or artificial flowers, ornaments, pinecones, or even tulle arranged into a Santa beard. Or, if you’re feeling inventive, use two or more wreaths to form a snowman or other seasonal symbol.


Multi-Use Mason JarsMason Jar DIY Crafts

Mason jars have endless applications for home crafting and decoration, so it’s not surprising that they’re a key element of holiday decor. Apart from gifting custom jars filled with sweet treats, keeping a few Mason jars around for craft purposes is a smart idea this season.

Stencil holiday greetings all over, frost the outside with a spray of artificial snow or glitter or use decoupage to apply tree, snowman, or gingerbread cookie outlines. Even a coat of paint can elevate standard Mason jars to ultimate holiday home decor with ease.

Other creative uses of Mason jars are DIY candy jars (with Santa robes or Rudolf’s antlers and nose), sealed-shut snow globes, or decorated vases.


Minimalist Wall Trees

If you’re aching for a traditional Christmas tree but don’t have space, consider an alternative way to display your enthusiasm for the season. A wall display in the shape of a tree can use holiday lights, twigs or branches, and even ornament-like wall stickers.

Even if you already plan to have a live tree as part of your holiday centerpiece, adding a wall tree to kids’ spaces or family areas helps bring the Christmas spirit into every room. Plus, since you can use nearly any material you have on hand to create a wall tree, you’re recycling and upcycling while decorating.


Bows and Presents EverywhereGift Wrapped House Door

Between wrapping up your front door to resemble a gift from Saint Nick, to applying bows on kitchen cabinets, there’s a creative use for any size wrapping paper collection. Each bedroom in your home can feature a different type of wrapping paper, or you can affix bows to each door.

Another simple way to give your regular decor a Christmas feel is to “wrap” family photographs with wrapping paper or fabric, then replacing them on walls and shelves. You can also reuse the giant boxes that your online gift purchases arrive in to create enormous presents to decorate both indoors and out.


Hopefully you find these 4 easy DIY Christmas home decor ideas helpful to get you started, or complement your existing decorations.  There’s no wrong way to do this so use your imagination, be creative and have fun!