Rustic Home Decor: Ideas To Transform Your Home

There are many different styles of design for the interior of your home. While many people enjoy the scaled down modern or contemporary look, for some of us that look is way too sterile. Whether growing up in the country, loving cabins in the wilderness, or just loving that old school look, rustic home decor is a great solution for those of us who like to have that certain aesthetic around the house.

Read on for just some of several great ideas for how to get that rustic feeling that makes your house feel like a home.


Plank Board Shelves/WallsPlank Boards Wall Shelves
Plank board shelves aren’t just for resourceful college students but when done properly they add a great rustic look. Some people create solid plank board shelves against the wall to create more shelf and counter space. There are some who go even further, creating a plank wall design – putting successive planks over the wall to create an actual rustic building feel since the wall itself then looks like a true old school building.


Natural Wood TablesRustic Table
There are plenty of wood tables that are far different than your conventional designs. There’s been a resurgence in truly rustic wood tables – the kind where laminated wood tables feature legs that still have the bark on, and often times the laminated board that makes the table top also has at least one side with polished and good looking bark attached as well.


Farm House FurnitureRustic Furniture
Part of getting that perfect rustic aesthetic is picking out the right furniture. This can be from milk can tables using the old school giant metal milk cans as as base to using old trunks, crates, and old school boxes as tables. In fact, in some cases having that trunk to the side of the living room or dining room actually creates some great storage options while adding to the aesthetic.

Other great examples of custom rustic furniture could include doors being used for tables, old wood hutches, or even custom shelving work. Any of these can be a great option.


Vintage ReupholsteryRustic Chair
Don’t underestimate the potential of getting professional reupholstery services on the old vintage fabric chairs can do to create that rustic home decor look you’re aiming for. Many old school chairs using fabric, design, and uniquely shaped wood work around the frame can be fixed by a professional upholstery specialist to recreate a piece that looks amazing and is undeniably old school.

While this might not jump out immediately, there are so many colors and choices to choose from that it shouldn’t be hard to find some old chairs in a style that would match what you’re looking for with your particular rustic look.


The good news is that if you are a big fan of rustic home decor you have plenty of options available. From getting wood end tables with laminated bark and bark edged boards, to the reusing of old antique chests and moving crates as tables. There are plenty of options that allow you to create your own little cabin in your home.