Essential Elements Of Home Office Decor

If you’ve been hoping to turn one of your spare rooms into a home office, there are a few things you have to keep in mind in order to go about a successful renovation. Everyone knows the basics (such as your computer or other work equipment and a desk), but it’s useful to go over what other elements the room might need in order to help you maintain the right atmosphere for a positive work flow. Getting it right from the start will serve you well in the long run! With that in mind, here are some of the essentials for home office decor:

1 – Functional Organization

Organizational options such as shelving or cabinets are essential for any home office. You need to make sure you have easily accessed and well crafted examples on hand. In keeping with good design principles however, you must consider the space in which you’ll be installing them. If you don’t have a lot of room, consider building up along a wall with customized floating shelf installations. You can also make your life a bit easier by making sure your desk has its own drawers or other storage compartments.

2 – A Spark Of Life

While the focus needs to remain solely on your work in an office environment, you need to include at least a dash of personality. Anything from a Banzai plant to small family photos or a painting can help infuse the office with a slightly more home oriented vibe. There are no rules here, so feel free to make the space as personal as you’d like within the confines of maintaining your potential productivity.

3 – Small Accoutrements

No matter what personal affects you decide to line your desk and shelving with, you should keep it rather small. This will help to keep the central focus of the room on key components such as your computer or general work space. It will also give you a lot more room to dedicate to important documents and files, while also giving you space to move comfortably. A cramped work space is counterproductive in every regard.

4 – A Simple Color Palette

Finally, you should use a fairly minimal color palette in your home office. Colors such as light greens or blues should help put you in the right mood while also giving a bit more vibrance than plain white. The color of your furniture installments should accentuate the walls with neutral tones such as grey, white, or tan. Avoid black as much as possible given its murky, impersonal connotations.

As long as your home office decor sticks roughly within those confines, you should end up with a space that you’re easily able to enjoy sitting in each day. There’s nothing worse than a supposed work area that you just can’t settle into comfortably. Speaking of which, you should also be sure to include the most ergonomic chair possible, complete with full lumbar support. If you intend on working long hours, your back will thank you!