Creative Thanksgiving Decor Ideas DIY

It’s that season again. The weather is getting a lot cooler.  The leaves are falling into puddles on the ground. It’s time to make the house festive for whatever holiday guests might arrive inside. Of course, you’ll enjoy the festive look too. To get the right feel in your house for this cozy season, you’ll need to come up with the right decorations. Don’t worry. You don’t have to go through this process on your own. Here are some clever tricks that’ll spruce up your house or apartment at very little expense.


Candles, Candles And More Candles!
Thanksgiving Candles
Candles are a simple idea that adds warmth to an otherwise dreary season. Of course, you don’t have to buy the plain old candle holders you’ll see stationed at Yankee Candles. To add a little more creativity to the idea, you can purchase a clear candle holder. This idea is perfect because you can put something festive inside the bottom to add a little more finesse to your home.

I suggest putting a pine cone at the bottom. If you’re looking to add a little more holiday spirit than that, you may be able to find a small, very small, pumpkin to put in the bottom of the candle holder.


Flowers On Thanksgiving?

Pumpkin Flowers

A vase seems like a perfect idea for Spring. The idea can actually stretch into a season like fall if you know how to make the perfect flower arrangement. Simply carve out the top of a pumpkin until you almost reach the base. Then add water and place flowers inside. Go with darker colored flowers so they complement the season. Now you have a fall vase that adds life and coziness to your home.


Add Motivational RemindersThankful Thanksgiving

Wooden signs are perfect in the home around the Thanksgiving season. They are also great for adding a specific phrase or motivational image to keep everyone in the right spirit over the holidays. Take a wooden sign and paint it a dark, metallic orange. Then add a phrase that’ll keep everyone motivated and going. Excellent examples are “Give Thanks” or “Thankful”.  The letters will look adorable if you paint them in a cozy off-white.


Make It How You Want It

These tips will give you a home that is both inviting and well into the spirit of the holiday. Be sure to look at lots of examples so you can get the exact look you’re going for. Your home will be ready to take in the happy guests you’ve invited for that grand meal you’re preparing!