A Guide To Bathroom Home Decor

The bathroom is one of the most popular rooms in the home and as a result, the design and functionality is of the utmost importance. There are many ways to expand a small bathroom or make full use of a larger one. Also, a bathroom is supposed to be a space to relax and unwind, which means that it should be decorated and furnished with that in mind.

The first element of bathroom home decor that should be paid attention to is the placement of the vanity, toilet and shower. In some bathrooms, the toilet is placed too close to the shower and as a result, the floor may get wet around it. This is quite uncomfortable and should be avoided through installing a glass frame around the shower, or moving the toilet further away from the shower. It may be difficult and costly to move the toilet, so installing the glass frame may be best.

In small bathrooms, the vanity should be placed in a corner to increase walking space. Wherever the vanity is placed, the edges should be rounded to prevent any injuries or bruised hips. Also, if more than one person needs to use the bathroom at a time, then a double vanity is definitely recommended. The mirror above the vanity should be wide and tall enough to comfortably accommodate two people at a time. The space below the vanity can also be used for storage. This can be created by installing shelves or a boxed frame with doors. Alternatively, the shelving can be placed above the vanity for overhead storage.

Next, the colors in a bathroom will dictate the overall look and feel. The nautical style is quite popular where various shades of blue are used along with nautical patterns such as anchors and ships. Alternatively, a classic style is always a good choice where the colors are neutral and highlighted with gold and silver trim and accessories.

One way to quickly upgrade one’s bathroom is to install a steam shower unit. This is a completely enclosed unit that will act as a normal shower as well as a steam shower, which is highly recommended for its health and stress relieving benefits. Also, due to the fact that it is completely enclosed, it will prevent issues such as wet floors or steamed up mirrors.

When it comes to making the bathroom more interesting, artwork can also be installed on the walls. Of course, there are many wonderful pieces of art that can be purchased, however, it may be best to create one’s own art. This is actually a great DIY activity for the entire family that can make the house into a home.

Bathroom home decor is very personal and the type of decor or arrangement that one chooses will depend on the style of the overall home. After all, a bathroom that is styled completely different from the rest of the home, would not make sense and be quite odd. So, make sure to incorporate similar design elements from other areas of the home to create a bathroom that is not only beautiful but highly functional.