Living Room Home Decor Ideas You Never Imagined

Everyone does not live in a home that is magazine worthy. With that said, making a few simple tweaks to your space can make things look better than ever before. Try these living room home decor ideas if you want to create the perfect look.

Darken The Walls

interior designIt is often the case that people to reach for subtle hues when they are painting their living room. This is because a brighter tone can make a pretty small room seem larger than it actually is. It is also a great way to show off natural light emanating from windows. With that said, using colors like ecru, beige and off white can be rather boring and make a fairly large room look more cavernous than one would like.

The best way to get around this would be to use a darker shade. This does not mean that you need to grab something as dark as navy blue or black, but the darker the paint is you purchase, the cozier the room will look. This is certainly a plus if you intend to spend a great deal of time in there.

Avoid Knick-Knacks

There is no way to discuss living room home decor without mentioning knick-knacks. In case you are unfamiliar with the term, these are small household items that are used to decorate the space. They are commonly made of porcelain or ceramic, but other materials are used as well.

The main issue with these is that many people see them as gaudy, useless items that are generally found at garage sales. The idea of having a large number of these in your living room should be erased from your mind. If you must have some, try your best to use as few as possible. Having too many will make the room appear cluttered and messy, even if the opposite is true.

Consider White Furniture

If you must have white furniture in your home, lean towards durable materials that are easier to clean. Many people with children and pets abandon the idea of buying this color since it seems inevitable it will be damaged beyond repair at some point. This does not have to be the case, especially if you are calculated when selecting pieces.

Leather is one of the best materials out there when it comes to durability and maintenance. This does not mean that you should allow the little ones to be reckless when they are in the living room, but you do not have to rule this color out entirely. Additional materials you may want to consider consider are plastic, laminate, lacquer and polished wood.

As a side note, blending two or more materials is acceptable as long as they are all the same shade of white.

A living room can and should be more than a place where you turn on a television set and plop down on an old, worn couch. Try these ideas if you want to make this space look better than you ever imagined.